Current CVS: known issues/missing features

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05-04-2007 18:16:33

[brc7vecve][*rc7vecve]Current known issues[/brc7vecve]
[listrc7vecve][*rc7vecve]Tx collision rate is excessive[/urlrc7vecve] (probably good now)[/*mrc7vecve][/listurc7vecve]

[brc7vecve][/*mrc7vecve][*rc7vecve]Missing features[/brc7vecve]
[listrc7vecve][*rc7vecve]hostapd support[/*mrc7vecve]
[*rc7vecve]wpa_supplicant support[/*mrc7vecve][/listurc7vecve][/*mrc7vecve][/listurc7vecve]
If you think these lists are not up-to-date, please post about it here and i will update them accordingly.

[size=75rc7vecve][1][/sizerc7vecve] Let's not forget however the rt2x00 drivers remain the first priority for this project developers. Although there is no guarantee a user feature/fix request will be dealt with quickly, knowing what is most needed sure won't hurt the process. )


19-05-2007 21:58:12

Updated WEP key management has been fixed


23-05-2007 12:57:12

Updated default MAC address is now set before ifup.