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07-05-2007 22:42:25


The firmware location has changed according to new kernel firmware loading libs, from /etc/Wireless/RT61STA to /lib/firmware.
Please note that some linux distributions use /lib/firmware/<KERNEL_VERSION> as their default firmware location.

This is the first step of a few needed driver updates that unfortunately will break backward compatibility with existing user configs. Migrating to new standards will nevertheless be quite easy.



18-05-2007 13:04:30

Regarding the 'Installation of firmware files' step, am I right in understanding that we need to delete the two .bin files that don't apply to our card? I mean, when I first read the instruction, I thought I needed to put the appropriate file in the /lib/firmware folder, but when I got there, there were already three in there.


19-05-2007 22:03:09

You're right you only need the firmware file for your chipset.

As there are 3 different RT61 chipsets and it can't know which one(s) you'll be using, 'make install' copies the 3 firmware files to /lib/firmware. Considering they're just 8k each, it's no big deal.
However, if you know for sure you won't be using some of them, you can safely remove these.


14-08-2007 21:53:34

with "lspci | grep RaLink" comand you can the chipset, dont you?


15-08-2007 19:23:26

What do you mean? I don't understand. If you're asking if you can get which chipset the card is using with this command, then yes.


29-10-2007 23:32:27

yes with this command you can see what is the chipset used..
sorry by the word eating..