RT61 on PowerPC

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22-09-2007 21:51:41

Can I use the legacy driver on a power-pc (MPC5200, PPC 603e core)?
- memory mapped io addresses
- big endian
- ...
Which compiler switches must I use?



23-09-2007 19:59:58

There should be no need for any compiler switch, the usual "make", "make install" should be ok. I don't know how well rt61 runs on PPC, though.



24-09-2007 07:50:33

No, it doesn´t work!

The compilation of the module works without a problem (a few compiler warnings appears).
When I try to load the module (debug variant), I get the following output
[code2ykshy4w]# insmod rt61 debug=1
Using /lib/modules/2.4.25/kernel/drivers/net/rt61.o
rt61: ===> RT61_init_one
rt61 1.1.0 Beta 2 CVS http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com
RT61: Vendor = 0x1814, Product = 0x0301
__ioremap(): phys addr 00000000 is RAM lr c000fe54
rt61: ioremap failed for device 00:1b.0, region 0x0 @ 0x0
rt61: <=== RT61_init_one
insmod: init_module: rt61: No such device
I look like there is a problem, when the driver tries to handle the memory mapped IO addresses.

Any suggestions ?



09-02-2008 16:44:33

[Replying to old post] I'm using the built-in rt61pci driver in the 2.6.24 kernel on powerpc and it is working. I haven't tried compiling SVN (yet).


10-02-2008 17:50:00

I'm using an rt61-based card with the rt61 legacy driver on a ppc machine, it works fine, but I'm still using a snapshot from around august 2007, as no later versions worked for me. Guess the best solution these days is to switch to 2.6.24 and use the new driver.