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08-10-2007 15:14:50


I'm trying to get a Linksys WMP54G card working in a thin client. The actual distribution is, version 2.2, linux kernel
I've installed the rt61 legacy driver in (in debugmode) but it fails with the messages kernel rt61 1.1.0 CVS 2007100204
user.err kernel Could not load firmware! (is firmware file installed?)
user.debug kernel rt61Vendor=0x1814, Product=0x301
user.debug kernel rt61==>NICLoadfirmware udevd udev_event_run seq853 forked, pid[4104], 'add' ´firmware', 0 seconds udevd[803] udev_event_run seq854 forked, pid[4106], 'remove', 0 second old.
user.debug kernel rt61 Failed to load firmware! (Is firmware file installed?) kernel ACPI PCI interrupt for device 00000014.0 disabled
user.debug kernel rt61 <==rt61_pci_probe (status 1)

The 3 firmware files are all in /lib/firmware and readable.

I also tried to write a script for the udevd 'add firmware' event, which I found as an example in source but this exited with a errorcode. The script looked like this

FIRMWARE=rt2561s.bin (which is the proper file for the chipset)
echo 1 > /dev/$DEVPATH/loading
echo 0 > /dev/$DEVPATH/loading

I'm desperately trying to find why it fails but despite debugging mode I'm unable to tell where it tries to find the firmware or why it fails.
So, firmware is in place, rt61 and firmware_class modules are installed, udevd is running but still..

PS. I also tried the driver from RAlinktech's website this seems ok, even without loading firmware (???) but most of the time looses itś radiosignal after 5 minutes. Sometimes it is ok though for hours.

Anyone can shed a light ? Would be much appreciated.


Paul Schoonderwoerd


13-10-2007 18:15:46

Same probleme for me at boot time on
Gutsy Ubuntu 7.10
but when i do
[quote28k7tlf3]sudo modprobe -r rt61
sudo modprobe rt61 [/quote28k7tlf3]
everything well

I don't use rt61pci driver


04-11-2007 10:58:41

remove firestarter
[codev6b7tlj9]sudo apt-get remove firestarter[/codev6b7tlj9]