Injection problems and a few questions

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04-11-2007 12:20:35


I have a Digius PCMCIA card with rt2561 chipset, using the Enhanced Legacy RT61 CVS driver (most recent version) on Debian testing with 2.6.22 kernel and aircrack-ng beta1.

When I try injecting packets with aireplay -9 wlan0 or aireplay --test wlan0 it does not work.

rfmontx is enabled (iwpriv wlan0 rfmontx 1) and all other things like connecting to my AP, switching to monitor mode etc. are working fine.

Does injection work with this card? As I am a wireless newbie I don't know if packet injection works with access points you're not connected to as the only time it worked was when I was connected to my access point with WPA and then did aireplay -9 -b myAP-MAC -e SSID of my AP wlan0

Then, when I use aireplay and stop using it, ifconfig permanently says "Protocol UNSPEC" and I have to shut down the interface, rmmod rt61, modprobe rt61, ifup wlan0 to be able to use wlan again for normal usage. If I just do ifconfig wlan0 down; ifconfig wlan0 up or ifdown/ifup it does not work.

Another question is When does the Link LED light up?

Sometimes WLAN works but both LEDs (LINK and ACTIVITY) are off, sometimes only ACTIVITY blinks and sometimes LINK is permanently activated and ACTIVITY isnt showing anything. Are these bugs of the driver or the hardware? It does not seem to be reproduceable for me.

If I missed to tell anything you need to know please feel free to ask.



04-11-2007 15:38:05

Injection is supported by rt61.
About operating aircrack, we cannot help, you should ask on aircrack forums.
Leds are controlled by the driver, but I don't know exactly how they are supposed to be handled, in any case, the hardware is okay.