Fragmentation problem

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04-12-2007 07:37:39

Hi everybody !
I decided to post here as I'm currenlty experiencing strange problems with the legacy rt61 driver.
I tried to tweak some parameters on a Linksys WMP54G card like fragmentation and rts threshold, using the wireless tools and the rt61-cvs driver, under a Debian Etch 4.0, in order to perform some tests/measures.
So, when I set frag to 500 bytes, associate to an AP, and try to perform some TCP measures (using Iperf) between my station and another station associated to the same AP, I'm unable to get any measures. Some sniffing during those tests showed that the frames were correctly fragmented and sent, but when reassembled by the receiver, were presenting a wrong TCP checksum. Nevertheless, I'm able to send fragmented pings to the other station.
Consequently, I was wondering whether this could come from the driver (although I did not found anything about that on the forum), or am I missing something there ... ?

Thank you in advance !!