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08-12-2007 00:39:49

I am new to Linux and I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop. Yeah, it's all fine but I got some troubles with the wlan card driver... since i don't really know what info you'd need to help me I will just post the dmesg output for now.

I found a topic where the author experienced the same error message but with other hardware and it was reported in the thread that the problem was solved...

What happens is that it works fine but after a while the connection doesnt work any more. This happens especially under load condition (downloads). When I just browse the web it can work fine for a long time.

So you got any ideas what i should do? I'd need some detailed instructions though... -)

This is the card i use

D-Link dwl-g630
Hardware Version E2.0
Firmware Version 5.00

The dmesg result should be attached as a file...

EDIT Is it normal that I can't remove the card? It freezes the screen when i do this... Doesn't ubuntu support hotplugging?


08-12-2007 12:55:26

First, the Ubuntu distribution uses the rt61pci module which is one of the new rt2x00 drivers. So, you have post in the wrong part of the forum.

Regarding hotplugging, what will you do if you have a flat tire on you car ? You will certainly not remove the wheel when you are driving.
It is about the same with your dongle. You've to stop connexion and therefore kill the wpa_supllicant process which uses it before unplug it.