Failing to detect driver

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11-12-2007 05:07:23

I cant seem to get the driver installed i followed all the instructions on the make was succesful and the make install was successful but i also used modprobe rt61 but when i use airmon-ng it says teh regular rt61 driver included with backtrack and injection doesnt work on that one injection only works with the serial monkey one which i cant get to work


11-12-2007 19:24:09

Well, what's not working? Please provide more information. You can enable injection with "iwpriv wlan0 rfmontx 1", if that helps.



12-12-2007 00:23:08

the backtrack 2 only detects the defualt driver and not the serial monkey driver even after i installed it properly and when i use airmon-ng it says rt61 not rt61pci like it should say its compiled and isntalled properly, is there anyway to remove the old default driver from backtrack and install the serial monkey one? i also use this commands to install the driver

tar xvfz rt61-cvs-daily.tar.gz
cd rt61-cvs-*
cd Module

make install
modprobe rt61


13-12-2007 20:20:28

You want rt61, not rt61pci, both drivers are from serialmonkey by the way ;). To remove a kernel module, use this command "modprobe -r rt61pci". To prevent its insertion, you can simply delete it, move it somewhere else, or blacklist it.


14-12-2007 06:53:52

when i use airmon-ng it says its rt61 but it just cant inject is it my distance?


17-12-2007 18:56:35

Have you enabled injection? "iwpriv wlan0 rfmontx 1"