rt61 with D-Link DWL-G630 H/W: E2 F/W:5.00 freezes system

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31-12-2007 10:05:53

Hi, I'm new to linux (about 6 months I deleted winzoz and stayed happily with linux alone) so please post the exact commands I need to do, if any.

I have this laptop with Ubuntu Dapper Drake installed.
I added the KDE package and use it.
Networking was fine with a usb device.
Now the usb device broke up and I bought this D-Link DWL-G630 H/WE2 F/W5.00.

Googling around it says the chipset is the one that works with rt61 drivers, no doubt about it.

I downloaded rt61 (latest cvs daily), installed, rebooted and it works, BUT

1-once every 2 or so reboots (it seems random about it), the system freezes at mid boot (ALWAYS after the network interface initialization, but NOT ALWAYS at the same exact time)

2-the other times the boot finishes, and the connection is established
2.1-I start mozilla firefox, and the system freezes after some web surfing (if i start mozilla and never connect to any website the system DOES NOT freeze) especially on youtube.com, I was able to start seeing a video only once without freezing the system, and then it froze up one second or so after the video did start. Most times, it freezes BEFORE actually being able to click on a video.
Youtube is not the only video site in which the system freezes.
I repeat, the system freezes at most times even if I don't click on any video, so it's not a matter of Flash or video plugins (see 2.3 and 2.4).
2.2-Hotmail.com freezed up the system once, but not other times.
2.3-other websites without flash or video content does not freeze up the system, until now.
2.4-Kopete chats worked until a certain point (20 minutes or so) and then the system froze up. Last time I tried, Kopete froze up the system at connection.
2.5-I used Synaptic to update some packages and to see if the system would freeze and it didn't.

3-I got the networking starting at boot, so once I log in I am already connected.

4-I boot the laptop with the card already plugged in.

I browsed the forum and the internet in general.
I tried different drivers.
I found some posts of problems similar to mines, in which the solution was to disable iPv6 or to delete the /etc/Wireless directory.

-disabled the iPv6 both on mozilla firefox and on the system in general.
-deleted the /etc/Wireless directory

No one of those worked. It seems that the freezing on boot has gone, but I stil can't browse the internet succesfully without freezing the system.

Thanx in advance for the help.


31-12-2007 10:37:55

I forgot to say that
-the network i setup as open (no WPA or WEP)
-the network and the router works since I also have a desktop pc connected and working
-wifi-radar daemon starts on boot (just in the case this is the problem)


01-01-2008 13:35:10

I've found that the latest flash player freezes my Firefox too, but not the whole system, I'm still using an older version at the moment.. It would be helpful if you post a debug trace when the freeze occurs, as explained in the TESTING file coming with the driver.



02-01-2008 08:40:30

I just tried the procedure in the TESTING file, but I encountered a problem

-I shut down the wlan0
-I unload the rt61 module with rmmod rt61 (I also tried modprobe -r rt61)
-when I try to reload the rt61 (immediately after the rmmodding) with debug support it says that the rt61 already exists I lsmod and the rt61 is actually there! And the connection automatically restored itself!

So I can't load the rt61 with debug support...

Also, the news are
(1)-I had other freezes on boot, so that problem isn't solved
(4.1)-I had a freeze when I inserted the card AFTER loggin in...it's the first time it crashes the system in this way...previously (and also after this event) I could plug out and plug in and dmesg for seeing if it was recognized
(2.5)-I donwloaded 100+ MB of upgrades from Synaptic and it didn't freeze up...Synaptic NEVER froze up the system.
(2.1.1)-I tried Konqueror instead of Mozilla the exact same as with Mozilla happens.
(2.2.1)-It seems that I can browse the net for a while before the freezing up. I tried different sites, such as goggling, the serialmonkey site, list of Linux compatible wireless cards, and it freezes up when the browser has to load a random new page, after having loaded a bunch.

This is far too random for me =)...


04-01-2008 12:53:07

There must be something running in the background that loads and configures the card, it could be NetworkManager, try to disable that.


12-02-2008 20:27:06

I am writing this from windows, because I cannot access internet from linux evil

Try this
find /etc -type f | xargs rt61
and comment out all occurrences. You can remove them also, but there is risks.

I have an exactly same proble as AlDiAn with my suse 10.1 and dwl-g510. Computer works fine till I use network connection. I already enabled debug messages, but unfortunatelly I didn't found anything useful.

I using WPA on my network, I have tested it with WEP also, with no success.

If you want see my logs, I can post them here later



14-04-2008 04:46:52

I am using now latest stable kernel 2.6.24 and rt61pci driver. Wireless have been worked weeks without any kind of problems. I had to make only one trick, copy dwl-g510 firmwares to /lib/firmware/