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09-01-2008 20:51:34


I have an EW-7108PCg PCMCIA Card http// ... ;pl2_id=44 which works in Fedora 8 once Network Manager is enabled, if I right mouse click > Connection Information, it tells me its using the rt61pci driver.

In addition to this Forum which has been interesting to read. I have also found the Linux Wireless web site at http// it has an area for rt61pci drivers at http// which is a little short on content at the moment.

I was also interested in http// and was hoping to add my card to the list.

I emailed the site admin on how to do this, who came back with the following answer, To Quote

"The big PCI device list is automatically generated from the sub-lists on the per-driver pages. As you can see, only b43 devices are currently listed, those are taken from

If you wanted to add a new list for rt61pci, you'd have to create a new page http// ... ci/devices which would then automatically be inserted into the big PCI list.

Since there is no such page, however, I suggest you talk to the rt2x00 developers first to know what sort of information they'd want on the list. I'm sure they'd welcome help maintaining those pages."

Any suggestions / feedback on how to go about doing that and information people would like to see included.



17-01-2008 16:29:26


I have got my card added to the big list, check it out at http//

I have put a few things on the driver page, but if any one wants to contribute more information please feel free, as the page is waiting for people to add more content. http//

The PCI list above gets the information for each card from the devices article for the driver, if you have a card which works with the rt61pci driver and it's not listed why not add it to the list. http// ... ci/devices



11-04-2008 22:58:19

How'd you get the pcmcia card working in Fedora 8. I have one and I have compiled and installed the rt61 driver. The computer sees the card and the card sees the network but I cannot connect. SE Linux stopped a few things so I disabled SE Linux. I still can't connect.

If I use network manager it asks for my pass phrase but doesn't connect. It does show a good link.

Using RutilT I get a good link information but also can't connect.

Basically I have compiled and installed the rt61 driver. Is there some other configuration step I am missing?



12-04-2008 17:17:51

Hey MrHappy,

Nice work. As you can tell, documentation is not our favorite effort around here.