rt61 locks in monitor mode

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29-01-2008 04:16:49

Hi! I just tried to use my rt61 wlan card in monitor mode (using kismet and the latest cvs legacy driver) After a few minutes scanning stops. After that it's impossible to change mode and connect to my AP, I have to unload and reload the module to make it work again. I recompiled the module with debug support and loaded it the way you suggested (insmod rt61.ko debug=31), but there is no debug.log in my log folder, syslog.log shows no entrys, either. You suggest to add "kern.=debug /var/log/debug" to my syslog.conf, but I'm using syslog-ng, there is already an entry
"destination debug { file("/var/log/debug.log"); };"
Is there any way to get a debug.log, so I can provide further informations to describe this bug?


29-01-2008 21:31:56

Are any data relevant to the driver logged at all? When the module is inserted, it should print some lines in "/var/log/dmesg" or "/var/log/kern.log".