stop the activity after 3 minutes in debian amd64

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14-02-2008 14:51:16

Helo I conect normaly to the net, but 3 minutes later, more o less, the card stops activity and i have to reestart the connection, also when i use the airodump, it show the information, and 3 minutes later, dissapeard all. I have debain etch amd 64 - RaLink RT2561/RT61 rev B 802.11g and the driver is rt61-cvs-2008010308.



20-02-2008 18:15:17

Please post a debug trace as explained in the TESTING file coming with the driver. Upgrade to the very latest CVS snapshot before, that may fix the problem too.



21-02-2008 00:02:38

How do you configure and start connexion ? Is it by a script you made ?

In this case, verify that you don't have a (or another) dhclient running in background. What happens with some distribution is if the "normal" dhclient does not connect after a certain amount of retries (or of time) the script normally responsible of the connexion brings the interface down.


22-02-2008 14:24:29

Ok, thanks, i install this card in jenmuary, but now, witht the new driver, it seems to work fine, i intall it in debug mode and its all good, thanks for all, good work.