As is put into monitor mode? (2 ways)

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22-02-2008 14:26:36

Which is the best and works better?

1 - iwpriv wlan0 rfmontx 1
2 - iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

what is the diferrence?



22-02-2008 21:03:52

These commands are doing two different things
[code1hpn9hlu]1 - iwpriv wlan0 rfmontx 1[/code1hpn9hlu]
Enables injection in monitor mode, this is useful if you want to send packets in the air without being associated to any AP.
This is no use outside monitor mode.
[code1hpn9hlu]2 - iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor[/code1hpn9hlu]
Switches the card to monitor mode, without touching injection settings.


23-02-2008 09:14:18

Where can I find more information about the commands of the driver?


23-02-2008 11:14:15

The README and iwpriv_usage.txt inside the driver package...


12-07-2008 07:25:38

BTW, is packet injection supported in all rt61 cards? I have an Edimax EW-7128G but it doesn't seem to support injection with the latest CVS driver.