After a while signal strength drops down to 0

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19-03-2008 15:31:12


I use rt61 module compiled from CVS (2008031317 and before I used 2007081315) and a strange thing has started to happen after starting my system (Suse 10.2) everything is OK for lets say 5 minutes and then the signal strength suddenly drops down from cca 90% to 0. I noticed it for the first time some 3 weeks ago - before it had worked absolutely perfectly for half a year. I'm not sure but I think this might have started to happen after a usual Suse on-line update, but as I say, I'm not sure. Now this problem happens everytime I start the system. I have to do 'rmmod rt61' and then 'modprobe rt61' and in this moment there is again full signal - until the next restart (i.e. after unloading and loading back the module the signal strength doesn't drop down anymore during the session).

Does anyone know please how I could solve this problem?

Thanks a lot