Strange Slowness using rt61

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21-03-2008 19:10:30

Hi there

I've been using the rt61 CVS modules for 3 months (updating every week ) and I have this strange problem.
There's sometimes a delay when I start a connection. For example, I want to access It keeps trying to access the website from 15-45 seconds before actually receiveing the packets. Happens not only to http, but with all connections (irc, ssh, whatever).
It's like there's something wrong when I'm transmitting the packets, even though the number of collisions/errors is relatively low (Transmitted 69899 packets; 53 errors; 982 collisions).
Initially this happened only after being connected for a long time. At first I suspected it was some router misconfiguration, but I can connect pretty fast in other OS's (errm, Windows Vista 64) for as long as I need. Also, bringing down wlan0 and unloading the module wouldn't work, so I had to reboot my box.
After the connection is made, everything runs smooth. Download rates are fine.
I checked some log files and dmesg, but there are no error messages.
I'm a Gentoo user, x86_64. I searched this forum and looked at some posts, but I couldn't find anything similar.
If there's any information missing, let me know.

By the way, nice job guys. I appreciate your work.