EW-7108pcg Weak Signal

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08-07-2008 11:35:45

Im a linux noob for the most part but learning well.

The pertinent hardware im running is as follows PCMCIA Card EW-7108pcg Edimax with rt61 drivers, installed per latest daily tarball. Wifi Router Belkin G on Comcast cable modem. Laptop Toshiba Portege 3480CT. Fedora Core 7, fully updated July 7th, 2008.

My problem is the signal strength. Right now my laptop is two and a half feet from the wifi router and both network manager and RutilT report the signal strength as 45% to 57%.

RutilT report
[list1wgzdeu8]IEEE 802.11g(wlan0)

Link Quality 51%
Signal Level -32 dBm
Noise Level -256 dBm
Tx rate 54 Mbps

The terrible thing is if i move my laptop more than about 5 feet from the where it is it will drop the connection and i wont be able to get it back until a reboot. Ive tried the same set up on a friends wifi network using a trendNET something or other and its the same. Id like to figure out if the Edimax wifi card itself is the problem but i dont have a laptop with a windows partition on it so that out. Anyway, I need help figuring out if this is a hardware issue or if fedora is causing the hardware to act insensitively (iwconfig wlan0 sens says the card doesnt support setting of sensitivity). Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.