ubuntu 8.04 64 freezes?

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24-07-2008 16:56:11

After installing Unbuntu 8.04 64 and installing the rt61 mod. Linux would freeze up no matter what app I was using even if I wasn't doing anything.

Has anyone encountered this? I installed 8.04 32 and working 24hrs now without any problems. I would be great if Unbuntu would fix there rt61pci files that I wouldn't have to keep restarting. It's why I found serial monkey.


24-07-2008 19:45:28

Are you sure you're not using the rt61pci module that comes with the standard kernel?
If you are, install the linux-backports-modules package for your kernel version, and it should be ok.


25-07-2008 00:20:55

I wasn't even aware of the back port mods. Yes I am sure. The 1st thing I did was stop the rt61pci mod and 2nd thing was install the rt61 mod from here.

What does the back port mods do?


25-07-2008 12:44:48

What does the back port mods do?[/quote3oq83ac5]
The package offers alternative versions of some drivers, and in your case a fairly stable rt61pci release.
I _guess_ 64bits support should be better in rt61pci (as this is probably the cause of your problem).


25-07-2008 16:36:28

Well not really alternative drivers, but more recent drivers.
The drivers shipped by Ubuntu by default are plain old rt2x00 drivers, since then lots of bugs have been fixed and those fixes are only available through backports.


25-07-2008 16:39:31

thanks for all the help!

I'll have to remember about the back port mods when I do my next computer. With the constant freezing I just ended up deciding to install 32bit at the time. Besides, my 3rd bank of RAM is faulty not the memory itself just the bank. So I can't use 4gb anyways.