Ubuntu 7.10&8.04 802.11B networks problem

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28-08-2008 13:10:25

bug submitted here https//bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/262253

Tried the CVS version as well, no success. The base Ubuntu system doesn't work either.

My laptop had an internal neither compatible with my wireless network nor with Linux.
So, I decided to buy a network card compatible with BOTH.

After a few searches on the Internet, I found http//www.linuxemporium.co.uk/products ... /#pid88169 (Edimax 54 Mbps Wireless PCMCIA card).

I first tried to run it from my windows xp already installed system. the card works perfectly with my wireless network. So, now, I am sure the network card is compatible with my WLAN 802.11b.

I install Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) from the DVD. The card is plugged is plugged the pcmcia slot. During the installation in text mode, it is not recognized. At the first boot, network manager can see the ralink card and offers to connect to wireless networks.

When I try to connect to my wireless network, it doesn't work. I type the WEP key in gedit to make sure it is correct and then do a copy-paste. It won't work at all. Used network manager.

lspci | grep -i "RALINK" returns -> 0700.0 Network Controller RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI

lshw says the module is rt61lpci

http//doc.ubuntu-fr.org/rt61_serialmonkey won't solve my problem.

I tried to install the older 7.10 from my other dvd, but same problem. rt61 won't work.

I tried manual configuration with /etc/network/interfaces (in both 8.04 and 7.10) and didn't have any more luck.


28-08-2008 16:59:07

Hi Bertrand,

Just saying something doesn't work is not helpful. You might check out what the topic "IMPORTANT READ BEFORE POSTING!!!" says, then try again.



28-08-2008 20:58:03

Hi "Vern",

thank you for your reply.

I see I forgot to specify why this post had some some connection in this forum.

in the 1st message, I placed a link to this page http//doc.ubuntu-fr.org/rt61_serialmonkey
This link is actually the explaination (in French) of why my message can have a place here
The procedure explains how to remove the rt61 provided by the distribution (Ubuntu). Of course, the distribution part has nothing to do with the project.
And, next, it says to download manually the CVS from the serialmonkey's website (here). Then, compile the CVS version and run it in command line. This is what makes the story a little bit interesting IMHO for people here.

the CVS version still provided me the same problem not being to connect to my 802.11b WEP-protected network.

I suppose this explaination makes my post more 'acceptable'.




sorry about my post

Ubuntu users are telling me the CVS should work and gave me a few steps supposed to solve my problem

you can delete this thread


29-08-2008 13:04:35

just a confirmation the problem came from the Ubuntu distribution
everything works fine now
thank you for your great work with the rt project
without you it is possible I wouldn't be able to use my wireless card
happy user )