wifi without internet

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16-09-2008 19:09:53

I've got a Packard Bell Easynote laptop, with Suse 11.0 (i586) with kernel i686 with kde 3.5.9 release 49.1, my CPU Intel (R) Celeron M CPU 420@1.60GHz, 1600.07MHz, inside a WLAN0 RT2561/RT61 rev. 802.11g DHCP with kernel rt61pci and ETH0 RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ DHCP.
My wifi, although with all good drivers, also from the Ralink site, and everything else has been configured perfectly, in iwconfig and also all settings.
In the so called wired mode my laptop indeed has internet. There's no problem.
But in the wireless case, through WLAN0, in spite of SSID en WEP key, there is no internet connection at all.
How come? Why can't I have internet through WLAN0 wifi, although the wifi let is on, the configuration is completely OK?
Please advise, as Ralink says that Linux is supported completely for wifi internet.
Through Knetworkmanager in Suse 11.0 I made up an extra connection with the original SSID name and the WEP key (128 bits hexadecimal), then you can see if this connection is running, but it is stuck around 50%, after running the (under root) dmesg command there is still no connection.
Another little question, without verification I could have an open internet connection I hope (so without WEP key), if I am with other people, please advise as well.
Thanking you in advance for your solution so that I can have internet through wifi/WLAN0


16-09-2008 19:56:25

You are using the drivers from the Ralink website, we don't support those.
We only support drivers released as part of _this_ project.

If you want to keep using the drivers from the Ralink website, then that is where you should ask support for those drivers.
If you want tsupport from this project, you should download the drivers from our website, or use the in-kernel drivers.

if you are still experiencing problems with those drivers, read IMPORTANT READ BEFORE POSTING!!![/urlt2s821gd]