rt61 legacy what verion works what does not ?

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29-10-2008 19:08:31

I seem to read that older versions of the Rt61 driver seemed to work after a lot of
I've copied all the commands trying to start a recent wpa3psk an get the whole thing started
but can not get a dhcp nor static connection,
up to now after trying for 2 weeks with 3 different versions
i get the driver running with a lot of crashes but never get it in a usefull state

I run on a debian etch nusing a pcmcia c54rc rev b
I guess all my commands are ok as far as i guess
except it does not link to the ap
where 2 meters from me an xp using exactly the same authorisation is successfully
working on ms drivers..

can anyone please help me to get this nightmare over and awy


30-10-2008 18:23:42

What are the distribution, kernel and drivers you tried? Usually, the latest CVS tarball is the way to go.
If you could post a debug trace when the crash occurs, that would be helpful for the driver developers.



31-10-2008 16:51:25

I'v build and set my today Rt61 driver in debug mode
no connection success except my light blinks regularly
from the debug file I think I learn it makes an authorised connection and then hangs
using following load script
# Set up wireless WPA2 on boot (rt61)
echo "Setting up WPA2PSK for wireless..."
sudo ifup $dev
sudo iwconfig $dev mode managed
sudo iwconfig $dev essid $myEssid
sudo iwconfig $dev key off
#sudo iwconfig $dev0 ap $AP
sudo iwpriv $dev set AuthMode=WPA2PSK
sudo iwpriv $dev set WPAPSK=$myKey
sudo iwpriv $dev set EncrypType=AES
#sudo dhclient $dev
echo ---
sudo ifconfig $dev inet
sudo ifconfig $dev netmask
sudo ifconfig $dev broadcast
sudo ifconfig $dev gateway
sudo iwlist $dev scan

doing the scan I see 3 ap's but there is no way to contact them
in any mode using linux debian
using ms-drivers on windows xp is permanetly active on the sale ap
using clearly the same credentials

Any idead


31-10-2008 19:36:14

as i can trick a connection like ping using an other controller(cable) and then remove the card

it seems to receive information
the rt61 driver is not able to create a conection independently

Is there an olther version of RT61 that works ??

thanks in advance


04-11-2008 21:30:08

Have you tried to run the commands of the script in a different order? The legacy drivers tend to be a bit picky about this.
Does "iwconfig" at least report an association?