rt61.ko does not build

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24-01-2009 02:02:43


I looked and someone had a similar problem, but they got quite a bit further in the building process. Here is my issue

make*** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory
. Stop.
rt61.ko failed to build!

Now i went this location and there is a build but it is red with black background which means that it is a "symlink ot a nonexistent file, or non-stat'able file". I googled this issue but came up with almost nothing. The only pages that seem useful were in polish. Some help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.



24-01-2009 10:42:36

Well there are quite a few references to this problem on this forum, so I am going to summarize it install your kernel sources.


12-03-2009 13:29:37

as you seem to be using a fedora kernel, the kernel-devel package would do - this sets up the build symlinks etc required for compiling your own module