seem to be a simple compile error on lenny_II

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02-03-2009 17:33:24

have download and untar from http//
the file
and get this error msg on compile

make*** /lib/modules/2.6.26-1etc/build/ Does not exist the file nor the directory something like that

what can i do to solve this problem

i have install kernel souces
i have install kernel headers
i have install essentials
i have try a lot of things but nothing happens


02-03-2009 18:16:39

googling, using a search button, and discovering that all other users with the exact same problem didn't read the INSTALL and README files and forgot to install the kernel sources.


04-03-2009 09:12:47

i have install kernel sources[/quotephm5cw90]
Ivo, I think he has tried...

macaal, you should verify that versions of kernel headers & sources exactly match the kernel version you want to build the module for.


04-03-2009 17:39:52

i have install kernel sources[/quote2pcmopse]
Ivo, I think he has tried...

Yes, but as you can see in his original topic, he edited his post _after_ I replied. But that is a very weak way of responding to comments...