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11-05-2007 21:27:09


The rt73.bin firmware location has changed according to new kernel firmware loading libs, from /etc/Wireless/RT73STA to /lib/firmware. It will be installed there as you run 'make install'.
Please note that some linux distributions use /lib/firmware/<KERNEL_VERSION> as their default firmware location. If this is the case for you, you'll have to move the firmware file manually.
Whatever it is, if you have troubles getting the firmware to load properly, please ask on your distro's support forum this is not a rt73 problem.

This is the first step of a few needed driver updates that unfortunately will break backward compatibility with existing user configs. Migrating to new standards will nevertheless be quite easy.



22-10-2007 11:23:46

i answer to this cause it matches a little my concern. i`m a new user with mandriva spring 2007 free edition installed to my laptop. bouught me a chinese wlan usb stick from tplink. the chipset is detected by mandriva as ralink rt73. firmware is missing the network configuration tool of that distribution claims. so i got it from your project and justed copied to lib/firmware. that was a hard job to do for me as a newbee, its all protected now for root. and there is no easy possibility to lockin as a root nowadays...
the distribuion as i said has its own configuration tool which works fine. after copying the firmware all was easy. all was right dedected by the system, just typed enter. also wep encryption was easy. first the router then putting the key to the laptop. it is working well FOR SOME TIME but usb is switched of by the system periodically! only this line i find in log/messages localhost kernel usb 4-1 usb disconnect, adress 2. after i have to switch off power to reboot (system is still working but no reconnect of usb possible). dont know what to do, there is no experience or information in mandriva forums.


22-10-2007 13:23:16

In Mandriva Spring 2007 free edition, free means that this edition contains free software only. The firmware is not free, that's why it's not on CD or DVD.
You have to configure your urpmi sources correctly adding the non-free repository. You can do this easily using Easy Urpmi[/url669ez34e].
Then, when you configure your dongle, the network configuration tool tells you the firmware is needed and offer to install it.
Anyway, it's installable in console as root. The command is urpmi rt73-firmware.
I think that the USB problem you mentioned is relative to distribution not to the driver. You can have a look on the [url=http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Releases/Mandriva/2007.1#Free669ez34e]wiki[/url669ez34e], read docs about installation and then you can do a search on [url=http://forum.mandriva.com/669ez34e]Mandriva forums[/url669ez34e] and [url=http://qa.mandriva.com/query.cgi669ez34e]Bugzilla[/url669ez34e].


10-09-2008 23:31:25

Hi there,
newbie here.I am cross-compiling rt73 driver onto a different arch/filesystem.I am having trouble loading the rt73.bin.I created a /lib/firmware and shoved the bin file in there.I introduced a PREFIX variable in the make command,pointing it to the prefix of the target.Still it doesnt locate rt73.bin correctly and

LD [M] /home/X/WLAN_WUSB54GC_RalinkRT73/rt73-cvs-2008091017/Module/rt73.o
Building modules, stage 2.
MODPOST 1 modules
WARNING "request_firmware" [/home/X/WLAN_WUSB54GC_RalinkRT73/rt73-cvs-2008091017/Module/rt73.ko] undefined!
WARNING "release_firmware" [/home/X/WLAN_WUSB54GC_RalinkRT73/rt73-cvs-2008091017/Module/rt73.ko] undefined!

can I hardcode the path in some fashion in rt_config.h or is there another solution?Any tips greatly appreciated?



11-09-2008 00:45:49

I resolved it.It wasnt the location of the rt73.bin.I had to enable "CONFIG_FW_LOADER" in my kernel configuration.Thanks.