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Arthur Dent

25-10-2007 16:45:09

Hello everybody,

I am trying to get work a wlan card with the rt73 chipset. I am using kernel 2.6.23 and the embedded linux development kit (ELDK 4.1) from . The rt2x00 driver compiled fine and I can see my Card via iwconfig. My problem is to load the firmware because of missing udev or hotplug in the ELDK. Is there a method to load the firmware manualy (with modprobe or something?). Will I have to install udev or hotplug and write some scripts?

Thanks a lot

Arthur Dent


27-10-2007 21:55:14

hennichodernich posted very useful information here [url2c6pptg0][/url2c6pptg0].
I have moved your thread to the appropriate section.