Rt73 on ubuntu gutsy doesn't have injection

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01-11-2007 13:26:55

In mode managed works well
He enter in mode monitor and works well, but it isn't inject anything
Some help?


02-11-2007 04:00:51

It does have injection if you use the right driver. The driver that comes compiled with Ubuntu only has injection if you have a 2.6.23 kernel and the right software -- I don't think aircrack-ng works yet. And gutsy uses a 2.6.22 kernel, which cannot do injection as far as I know.

If you compile your own legacy driver from the cvs tarballs on the download page and blacklist/delete the drivers that come with ubuntu you should get injection working fine. You can't do a fragmentation attack, but with some googling you'll find the driver that can do that, since it's not supported in this forum.

If you need help compiling the driver and blacklisting the installed one, see the ubuntu forums. There's a couple of really detailed howtos there.


02-11-2007 10:21:49

Thanks, then I have to compile a new kernel 2.6,23?


02-11-2007 10:32:44

I don't use any driver of ubuntu, I have this driver compiling the CVS and it doesn't inject
You think if I compile a new kernel it may found?


03-11-2007 01:22:11

Sounds like your english isn't good and you didn't understand what I said.

Using the next-generation driver does *not* allow you to inject. You must use the legacy driver. Your kernel version doesn't matter.

Try googling "rt73 injection wlan" and use the driver there. It is NOT supported by this forum so if you have problems with it you can't ask us for help. But it seems to work for lots of people.

Otherwise, try removing all old drivers, and make sure lsmod doesn't turn up any modules with "rt73" or "rt2750" in them. Then compile the CVS tarball again, install, and try again.


03-11-2007 10:32:08

I try with the other driver, I understand you well
But it isn't inject, like the legacy driver...
I try with a new kernel, and with the gutsy kernel...