D-Link dwl-g122 (rev.c)

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08-11-2007 15:36:52

Hi all,
I'm trying to connect using dwl-g122 usb dongle.
I followed Krisis313 how to and it worked for a while.
Now the problems are

[quote2dom800x]add line "/usr/bin/wlan wlan0;" in "/etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh" for autostarting script on boot[/quote2dom800x]

Where do I have to insert that string ? (at the beginning, at the end, in the middle ???)

When I boot the dongle blink correctly, but after loggin in, the "Lnk" led makes a permanent light, and the "Atc" led doesn't blink anymore.

typing iwconfig I noticed that the ap is not associated (sometimes the essid too)

I tried to use RuTilt but it doesn't make me saev any profile.

Edit Looking in router's log I found this string
[quote2dom800x]11/08/2007 155726 sending ACK to 192.168.xx.xx
11/08/2007 155726 sending OFFER to 192.168.xx.xx[/quote2dom800x]

It seems like the router sends the offer but can't assign an IP...

Any help ?


09-11-2007 12:14:01


I need an help (


10-11-2007 11:03:56

Which driver are you using? You should try the very latest CVS version.
About that line you want to add, it doesn't matter I guess, just append it at the end of the file.
Which version of RutilT are you using and how did you compile and run it?



11-11-2007 12:20:39

Tnx, for the reply )
I'm using the rt73-cvs-2007101214.

About Rutilt I've installed the .deb package.
I wasn't able to compile it because there wasn't some packages, and I could not download it. (I don't have internet connection) P


13-11-2007 19:16:56

What is the problem with RutilT profiles, is the app crashing?
Does that help if you run dhclient directly from the command line?
Reading your first post again I'm confused, did the stick associated or not?


14-11-2007 12:10:56

Yes , tha application crashs.
I open rutilt, then I create a profile, but when I click "apply" button the application crashs; and if I open again it, there isn't any profile...
Actually I'm using ver. 0.15


14-11-2007 14:42:59

It can happen with the actual version of RutilT if you start it as a normal user. Romain is working on the problem and this should be corrected in next version.

How do you try to create your profile ? Is it with "[i3r2q141q]Add profile[/i3r2q141q]" button in [i3r2q141q]Site survey[/i3r2q141q] tab ? In this case, try with "[i3r2q141q]New[/i3r2q141q]" button in [i3r2q141q]Profiles[/i3r2q141q] tab. Once the profile created, quit and restart RutilT before trying to apply. It will crash anyway but this time, maybe it will connect.

Another thing you can do, is to start RutilT from a terminal as root.