legacy rt73 policy

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08-11-2007 18:40:18


First of all this is not a complaining topic, I'm just trying
to understand the way you (the developers) work.

Usually, in the software project I've seen so far, there are
some "official" releases,that are intended for the public,
and some testing versions that go only in developer's mailing lists.

But this is not the case for the legacy rt73 driver
you have the "hourly" cvs tarball that is (I think) a testing version.

As an example
rt73-cvs-2007101214 worked fine,
rt73-cvs-2007110217 was bugged,
rt73-cvs-2007110811 worked fine again.

I recognize that distributing the testing versions to the public
is very good in order to force the people to support the developing
work, but it can be also that some unskilled Linux users just see that the
code doesn't work, think that the rt2x00 project sucks and try to
sell back their wi-fi hardware on eBay to Windows users...
(or, even worse, they make Windows their OS of choice).

I would like to know the reason why you decided to distribute only
testing versions.



10-11-2007 10:56:41

Beta releases are supposed to be more or less "stable" releases. The problem is just that they haven't been updated for a while. Most of the work is now done on rt2x00.