rt73 on RHL9 No rule to make target 'modules'

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AND Gate

09-11-2007 20:24:52

I need to install rt73 on Red Hat Linux 9, kernel version 2.4.20. I have had to install the kernel source from an .rpm, and I had to fix the /lib/modules/2.4.20-8/build symlink to point to /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/kernel-2.4.20/linux-2.4.20. When I run make, I still get the error "No rule to make target 'modules'." Is there something in the Makefile I need to change, or some other step I have forgotten?

See attached Makefile.

Very Respectfully,
AND Gate


10-11-2007 11:07:51

You forgot the attachment ;).


AND Gate

04-12-2007 17:10:15

I have been unable to post replies

AND Gate

04-12-2007 17:17:08

Until now, that is. For the benefit of future readers, completely re-installing Red Hat Linux 9 and making it a complete installation seems to have fixed that particular problem for me.

Now I am having other difficulties which I will post in another thread.