Linksys WUSB54GC not working monitor mode ubuntu 7.10

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18-11-2007 00:39:47

I've read a lot about 4 days
and still Can't make it.
I just bought one "compact wireless-g WUSB54GC" because i've read in some pages that it was a good adapter when you where trying to monitor, inject packages, and it was compatible with aircrack.
well I cannot put it in monitor mode with de RT73 driver
what I get using "lsusb" is Bus 005 Device 003 ID 13b10020 Linksys
im running ubuntu 7.10 kernel 2.6.22 "Gutsy Gibbon"
I don't know if it's a problem with the drivers or this USB adapter isn't compatible with your drivers or something.
In addition, i've read that with wifislax 3.1 you can work without doing anything. the same with backtrack 2, but installing some rt73 version 1.0.0
any help or tips?
or shall I return the adapter and get another one?


18-11-2007 10:20:31

!!! READ ME *BEFORE* POSTING !!![/urle3a7sbnt]


21-11-2007 06:49:06

i've read that
and i'm not asking how to use aircrack
just set that card into monitor mode
but forget about it
i've solved that problem with wifislax 3.1
ty )