Promiscuous Mode on EW-7318Usg with rt73 module not working

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29-11-2007 16:09:32

hello to all!
thank u for spending time reading this!

i have a EW-7318Usg usb, ok i installed it on a Slackware Linux 10.2 with a kernel 2.6.20.

i was very glad that
wlan0 worked perfectly connecting to the wireless lan...
and monitor mode worked well...and
Injection worked well! (i found a wep password with aircrack!)
ok after i wanted to try promiscuous mode to sniff something..
i put it on promiscous mode with ifconfig wlan0 promisc....
and started sniff msn messages.

I didn't get any i tried to change mac address of the card with the same mac of the card of the pc that was chatting,
i could receive some Incoming Message of the other pc(no outgoing obviusly)!
(two nodes with the same mac can let the net to not be so stable after a period..)
(BOTH this pc were wireless node so sniffing work also using a router)

ok so i am sure that all work well except promiscous could depend from the card hardware or the driver or the OS ..however i red on


that promiscous mode should work on my card hardware.

To test a bit more i download Backtrack 2.0 and started there aimsniff, the card (rausb0 this time) work well, but promiscous mode still not work...

so now, there is someone that with the tarball download of the last days(i download some day ago), can use promiscous mode on the EW-7318Usg?

However, i want say THANKS to all people developed rt73 because injection was my first goal..and all go well...
however i was curious to try also promiscous mode feature..

thank u to all

ps. i was forgeting to say some info
if i type the command lsmod | grep rt i find only the rt73 module and that is ok.
if i launch the command ifconfig wlan0 promisc and after i type "ifconfing" , i read the card is in promiscuous mode also if it really don't work in promiscuos mode.


29-11-2007 22:44:56

ok i am aswering to myself......

but i found something about my problem...

also if in the readme is written

You can put your wlan interface in promiscuous mode as you would
do for any other interface
# ifconfig wlan0 promisc

reading in the driver c files i found

rtusb_data.c line 2872

// 4. Not U2M, not Mcast, not Bcast, must be unicast to other DA.
//Since we did not implement promiscuous mode, just drop this kind of packet for now.



and in rtusb_io.c line 212

val |= 0x00100000; //Drop promiscuous frames if not in rfmon

so now i think it could never work...