modprobe rt73 error

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17-12-2007 09:23:07


i tried to install rt73 drivers for my D-LINK DWL 122 (C1 version ( ) but, after a good
compile, i got this message error when i tried to load rt73 module....

[root@pcdvdn ~]# modprobe rt73
FATAL Error inserting rt73 (/lib/modules/ Accessing a corrupted shared library

what the hell is that???

oops oops oops oops

my distro is a Fedora 7

with this kernel

[root@pcdvdn ~]# uname -r

thank you in advance


17-12-2007 19:31:49

I had never seen that error before. How did you compile the driver? Plain "make"? If so, was there anything special in the output? Any warning?



18-12-2007 07:51:47

ok, i downloaded last CVS tarball and it works!!!

but a new problem appear...

when i try dmesg, this messages appear...

usb 5-4 new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 4
usb 5-4 configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
rtusb init ====>
idVendor = 0x7d1, idProduct = 0x3c03
usbcore registered new interface driver rt73
net wlan1 device_rename sysfs_create_symlink failed (-17)
udev renamed network interface wlan0 to wlan1

mmm... sound strange...

then iwconfig...

wlan1 RT73 WLAN
Link Quality0 Signal level0 Noise level113
Rx invalid nwid0 invalid crypt0 invalid misc0

mmmm.... just 2 line... REALLY strange...

then iwlist

[root@pcdvdn ~]# iwlist wlan1 scan
wlan1 Interface doesn't support scanning.


what the hell???

that's because i have 2 wireless chipset on same machine (integrated centrino + DWL 122 dongle))

thnak you in advance


22-12-2007 11:43:56

All these outputs appear when the interface is down, bring it up!