WUSB54GC and injection

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17-12-2007 19:51:43

I've borrowed the little WiFi device mentioned in the title from a friend of mine, as I read that RT73 legacy drivers should support both monitor and injection, and I wanted to check out if I can use my old laptop for some mischief.

Anyway, I installed the latest SUSE, installed the rt73 module (compiled without any errors), and the card works fine.

All, but the injection part. aireplay-ng --test wlan0 shows typical scenario
[code3i6jlqxv]Trying to broadcast probe requests...
No answer.
Found 1 AP[/code3i6jlqxv]
After that the standard pinging, but with 0/30 done.

Also, if I try to do that with my PC and the rt61 module (GigaByte GN-WP01GS), everything works fine and I get a nice and happy info that injection is working (so it's not about the AP being naughty or anything).

The procedure I'm using to get to test injection
* ifconfig wlan0 up
* iwpriv wlan0 rfmontx 1
* iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
* airmon-ng start wlan0
* aireplay-ng --test wlan0

Also, I can run airodump, and find APs, but I don't see any connected clients (there should be at least 2!).

Finally, and this is the weirdest part, it worked once, for a moment. I didn't change anything. I just shut down the computer, went for dinner, came back and it wouldn't inject. If something was changed then, then I'd be really surprised.

Please help me out.


22-12-2007 11:42:45

I have no idea what could be the problem. Are you running the latest CVS tarball? Have you tried to remove the module from the kernel, reinsert it, then try to inject again?



26-12-2007 16:48:29

Yes, I did try that.

Still the same thing.