No DHCP Offers for Planex GW-US54Mini2G/W

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13-01-2008 10:44:30

Hi All,

is anyone here using Planex GW-US54Mini2 here? I have a problem with connecting to a wifi network using this USB wireless dongle.

The dongle worked in September, but after reinstalling Ubuntu Feisty Fawn in December, I cannot connect anymore to any network.

Will come up with details of necessary files and output needed.



13-01-2008 11:20:26

!!! READ ME *BEFORE* POSTING !!![/urleglehg7t]


13-01-2008 12:28:38

Hi IvD,

Thanks for the prompt reply. -)

Attached is the information (and some extras) that is requested in the TESTING file.

Once again, thanks for looking into it!