latest rt73.ko driver makes "load average" 2.22

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16-01-2008 19:46:57


I have Debian unstable, Intel Core Duo, 2.6.23, latest rt73 from cvs, this is what I have in /etc/network/interfaces

iface wlan0 inet dhcp
pre-up ifconfig wlan0 up
pre-up iwpriv wlan0 auth 3
pre-up iwpriv wlan0 enc 3
pre-up iwconfig wlan0 essid "default"
pre-up iwpriv wlan0 wpapsk "passwordr"
pre-up iwconfig wlan0 essid "default"

and "ifup wlan0" connect to the wifi AP, internet works fine, all is fine, CPU usage is like 1%, but "load average" is 2.1 or 2.2 all the time the net is up. When I do "ifdown wlan0", the "load average" goes to 0.1. I have like 200MB free memory, no errors in logs (at least I didn't find any), everything seems just fine, except the unusual load. Maybe I am seeing a little unresponsivness, but maybe I am just thinking that because I see the "2.0" in the load.

The "pre-up" things in the interfaces file just execute those commands before doing "dhclient wlan0".

Do you have some suggestions, or tests, that I can do so that we can find the bug?

I can reproduce it very easily. I just do "ifup wlan0" and the load goes to 2.0, and I do "ifdown wlan0" and the load goes to 0.1. And I can repeat this as many times as I want.

Attached find the output from /var/log/debug as directed in TESTING.

Thanks for the driver, it works perfectly otherwise.



31-01-2008 08:46:48

I also reported the problem to Debian


and I got a suggestion to try the rt73usb driver in the kernel 2.6.24 and it works
perfectly with 0.01 load. So the rt73.ko driver is probably obsolete.


03-02-2008 15:19:33

So the rt73.ko driver is probably obsolete.[/quote360i5syt]
It is our hope that it will soon be the case!