Error inserting rt73 [SOLVED (partially)]

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26-01-2008 03:27:55


I tried to install rt73 driver and... cry

This message appeared after "make"
!!! WARNING Module file much too big (>1MB)
!!! Check your kernel settings or use 'strip'
*** Module rt73.ko built successfully

Then, I did this "strip -S rt73.ko"
This message appeared after "make install"
*** Update /etc/modprobe.d/ralink alias for wlan*
*** Install firmware in /lib/firmware ...
*** Check old config ...

And then
[root@portatil Module]# modprobe rt73
FATAL Error inserting rt73 (/lib/modules/ Invalid module format

My distro is a Fedora 8, with this kernel version

What can I do? Thanks.


27-01-2008 01:28:49

I tried this

modprobe -f rt73

... where "-f" means "force". And it works!!!

But I think that this is not the best method.


27-01-2008 10:40:31

And do you get that error if you do not strip the module?



27-01-2008 15:13:34

Yes, the same error.

Now, it works, but I have to do "modprobe -f rt73" each boot. The interface that appears is named "wlan0", not "rausb0", is it normal? And fragmentation attack doesn't work.

Any idea? Thanks.


29-01-2008 21:33:35

Yes, the interface has been renamed wlanX a while ago. How are you performing that attack? In what does it consist exactly?


29-01-2008 23:25:29

The attack has been correctly done. I can't explain it to the detail because my english is quite poor. But, I can assure everything has been correctly done I can manage the attack succesfully with the live CD called Wifislax 3.1, but not with my Fedora 8.