porting rt73 to ARM giving unresolved symbols error

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05-02-2008 04:42:31

Hi all,
I am trying to port the rt73 usb driver to ARM (neo1973 openmoko phone). My kernel configuration has the WIRELESS_EXT tag enabled. I could able to compile the driver without any errors n warnings. But, modprobe is failed with following error "FATAL Error inserting rt73 (/lib/modules/ Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)"

now the dmesg showing
rt73 Unknown symbol release_firmware
rt73 Unknown symbol request_firmware
rt73 Unknown symbol wireless_send_event

FYI "nm" tool on the kernel shows "wireless_send_event" is resolved.

thanks in advance.


05-02-2008 15:39:38

Might try CONFIG_FW_LOADER for the firmware ones


06-02-2008 06:25:45

Might try CONFIG_FW_LOADER for the firmware ones[/quote1dc4gkhs] It is enabled in the config file already


06-02-2008 17:04:53

And did you load the fw_loader module before loading rt73?


07-02-2008 09:47:08

"modprobe fw_loader" is failed with the error Module fw_loader is not found


07-02-2008 10:15:58

Did you enable CONFIG_FW_LOADER as module or compiled in?
Also, did you enable wireless support in your kernel?


07-02-2008 10:26:03

I have enabled both as modules


07-02-2008 10:33:29

Make sure those modules are loaded before loading rt73


07-02-2008 12:31:05

When i tried loading the fw_loader, it gave the above mentioned error
"Module fw_loader is not found oops
what to do??


07-02-2008 15:20:04

When compiling the kernel did you run "make modules_install" besides "make install"?
And did you correctly reboot into the new kernel?