F5D7050 On Fedora 8 - Hardware Detection Problem

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26-03-2008 21:17:33

I've managed to install the rt73 drivers for my wireless USB dongle (with PCI -ID 050D7050) and wlan0 is displayed when I use iwconfig.
I have no errors given when compiling, installing or initialising the driver but my hardware device does not seem active (no green light as on windows).
I have no network activity, despite 'iwlist wlan0 scan' giving no errors (it just says no APs were found) and 'ifconfig wlan0 up' runs with no errors also.

However, i get 'p54usb' and 'prism54usb' errors when i plug in the device after boot (in an attempt to flag up any device init problems). Is this due to my drivers, my device, or another system problem?

(I'm using the latest rt73 CVS tarball and the kernel as shipped with fedora 8 ).

Anyone got any ideas on a fix?

Thanks in advance!


27-03-2008 11:51:21

a possible success!

I've got my device to be detected and it can scan for APs (just the config to sort out i think). I'll run through the steps i took - just so others with similar problems can get stuff working!

1) i googled 'prism54usb' and found that it was a USB wireless driver - i figured it must be included with fedora 8 (and was conflicting) and blacklisted it along with 'p54usb' just to make sure.

2) rebooted fedora and found a whole heap of 'rt....' drivers were now running - i'd previously found a site that mentioned the fact that some included 'rt...' drivers weren't very good, and so blacklisted those also.

3) rebooted fedora again to find that all was well in driver terms - i loaded up rt2750 (turns out i was using the wrong driver) and voila! dongle detected and everything!

for people who are quite new to linux (like me!) the following might help...

+ 'blacklisting' is stopping a driver/module from running at boot by placing a 'blacklist <drivername>' entry in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (NB this works on Fedora 8, can be different for other distros)

+ to load a module that isn't running use 'modprobe <module/driver>' at the terminal.

+ to list current network devices use 'iwconfig' - usually wireless devices are named wlan0, wlan1 and so on...

+ to start the device use 'ifconfig <dev_name> up' - this is easy to forget!

hopefully this will help ppl - i know how demoralising it can be to trawl through forums looking for answers!