rt73 brings the system to its knees on kernel

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04-04-2008 03:50:44

Bought a Linksys WUSBGC USB adapter this morning because I read that these drivers work... and they DID most of the day. I had an odd lockup before dinner which caused the kernel to stop responding to USB hotplug events... reboot resolved it. Went to dinner, came back and my system load was at 23.0. Top showed rt73 as the heavy hitter. rmmodded that puppy and the system returned to 'normal' load, but again, usb in general no longer responded. dmesg didn't show anything helpful. Nothing was logged to /var/log/messages or anything else in /var/log.

Anybody have any idea how I can keep this silly thing from essentially disabling my USB subsystem (and essentially the rest of the box)?


04-04-2008 18:04:31

!!! READ ME *BEFORE* POSTING !!![/urlr8j3xr67]


15-04-2008 01:12:53

.... right.... now that was right at the top of the 'super helpful responses' list of support sites. No indication as to whether this is a known issue or a new one. No questions to help narrow down the list of variables. I don't know if you just had a bad day that day or what, but that's the type of response that sends potential linux users back to microsoft...

I was under the impression this was a 'support forum' where people besides the apparently overbusy admins pipe up with information, since that was really all I was looking for.

I may never see that behaviour again, as I was on a wireless network that gave windows devices fits too, so it's (IMO) likely that it was the network causing the problem (which doesn't excuse the driver from bringing the box to its knees, but at least it's an unusual set of circumstances that kicks that into action).

I'll do as your FAQ suggests and grab the CVS version and try that out.. see if I can replicate it, but you really need to work on your people skills. If this is the kind of support you typically provide, I'll just make my life easier and use a different chipset. Seriously.


15-04-2008 08:31:22

Apparently you think support questions can be handled without any form of information other then "it doesn't work".
Unfortunately in the real world, that doesn't work like that, even though it is a common assumption among people.

The sticky posts list several information things that are required to at least give a clue about what is going on. Things like version, distribution, interface configuration, is SMP enabled, etc etc are common information types that are needed.