No internet to get compiler

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24-04-2008 00:28:18

I have installed the debian distro, and I booted up in the terminal (yay!). Debian comes with the gcc compiler, but it doesn't have everything it needs. To get everything that the gcc compiler would need, I would have to download it. The problem being that I don't have internet, so I can't download it.

I need the rt73 driver to be able to connect to the internet, however I am unable to compile it, because I can't connect to the internet (to get gcc to work). (

How would I go about circumnavigating this problem? (or attaching it head on)

Thank you for your time and effort,



25-04-2008 18:01:05

If you're installing from a distribution CD, everything should be on that. What is it that gcc complains about - i.e. that makes you conclude that it does not have everything it needs?