rt73 card doesn't connect anymore

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30-04-2008 16:12:19


I've been using this driver on ubuntu feisty & gutsy since a lot of time, but, without appearent changes, it doesn't work anymore for me.

I repeated compilation and installation procedure, i see the wlan0 card, but it doesn't associate anymore to AP (I use static and wpa).

Do you have suggestion? I even wonder if it is an hardware problem, as far as it suddenly happened in 2 laptops.

Thx in advance



01-05-2008 15:57:17

The only thing I can suggest you is to give more details else nobody can help you.
Are you sure the nextgen driver is not loaded ?
Is there any error message ?
Please have a look at !!! READ ME *BEFORE* POSTING !!![/url29gov7i6] to have an idea of what is needed.


01-05-2008 19:17:55

the procedure applied is exactly as per

the procedure worked and i had the card working for months, with wpa activated and no pbs.

I now double checked and I have the same problem with xp driver - i can see the card but not connect. I believe it is an hardware problem but i can't be sure without another card to test.

Thx in any case