loading driver w modprobe in Ubuntu

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10-05-2008 17:16:19


Firstly I'm completely new with Linux, in my case the Ubuntu 8.04 distro...
I've been able to succesfully follow the instructions in the readme (I think) until "loading the driver"
after inserting this line

"$ modprobe rt73 [ifname=<wlan%d>] [firmName=<rt73.bin>]"

I get "bash wlan%d No such file or directory"

I'm doing something easy very wrong I guess, but with my "windows-skills" I can't figure out what. I would be glad if anyone could help me...



10-05-2008 17:25:05

Hi Rinus,

You're looking at "metatext". The "[]" characters indicate that what they enclose is optional. The "<>" characters indicate that they enclose a hint for what is wanted. The line should really be entered as - e.g.[code9z6d0tqm]modprobe ifname=wlan%d firmName=rt73[/code9z6d0tqm]The example just specifies the defaults, so you could also just say[code9z6d0tqm]modprobe rt73[/code9z6d0tqm]


10-05-2008 17:27:06

"$ modprobe rt73 [ifname=<wlan%d>] [firmName=<rt73.bin>]"

Ehm.. you took the copy && paste command a bit too literal
'$' is used to indicate the command should be done in a console, so you should not use that.
Everything in between '[' and ']' is considered an optional argument, so don't copy the braces themself, but only the contents if you need it.
Everything in between '<' and '>' is considered an example argument and should be replaced in its entirety with the command you want.

So possible commands are
[codeeeotad09]modprobe rt73[/codeeeotad09]
[codeeeotad09]modprobe rt73 ifname=wlan0[/codeeeotad09]
[codeeeotad09]modprobe rt73 firmName=rt73.bin[/codeeeotad09]