Can not capture the frames omitted by AP in monitor mode

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16-05-2008 19:07:22

I downloaded the newest daily CVS copy of rt73 driver and built it at my Fedora 7.
After successful installation, I pluged my ASUS WL-167g USB WiFi adapter and it is also correctly detected. Then, I used the following commands to setup this adapter in order to captuer all 802.11 frames exchanged between the other WiFi adapter and the access point

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
iwconfig wlan0 channel 3 /* my access point used channel 3 with no security setup */
ifconfig wlan0 promisc
ifconfig wlan0 up

After successfully performing the above commands, I ran wireshark and use wlan0 to capture all the frames. However, the capture result showed that it can capture all the frames emitted from the other WiFi Adaptor and the broadcast frames (almost all of them are beacon frames) emitted from the access point. All the other frames (including the data frames and ack frames) from the access point are missed. It's very strange. Could any one tell me why?
Is the current implementation of montor mode in rt73 driver correct?

Thanks a lot.