request_firmware???my kernel is 2.4.18?how to do with this

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21-05-2008 09:14:37


my kernel is 2.4.18?when i compile this module

there isnot firmware.h in my kernel
so i think my kernel donot support this function
is there other way to download the firmware to usb?thanks

// Access firmware file
if ((status = request_firmware(&fw_entry, firmName, udevice))) {
KPRINT(KERN_ERR, "Failed to request_firmware. "
"Check your firmware file location\n");
goto fw_error;


29-05-2008 08:13:29

you can try the driver on the ralink website.
it doesn't need any firmware function.I use it on my kernel 2.4.26.
But now i have some problem, it can work ,but not will disconnet after a short time
work.and then can't work anymore. and you must restart you system.