rt73 won't work and won't charge,why????

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08-06-2008 16:30:25

i have backtrack2 on usb storage and i have one usb wifi adapter asus wl167g V2 (unfortunately) chipset rt73.i download driver rt73-cvs-daily.tar-1.gz and rt73-k2wrlz-2.0.1.tar.bz2.tar and i download the last version of aircrack-ng beta2 1.0 i extract everybody packages and i enter in the module of rt-cvs-daily I have given make,make install and finally modprobbe rt73 but the system tells that it doesn't find them
and i have given in another shell airmon-ng rausb0 (is my network name interface)and the system tells that the peripheral still uses the drivers rt2500..i try for desperation to plug out the device subsequently I have installed the drivers and modprobe rt73 i plug in the device but results the devices uses rt2500 driver....WHY???you can help me????thanx in advance and bye everybody


08-06-2008 16:44:53

Hi pulsengine,

What is the output of 'lsmod|egrep rt'?


08-06-2008 17:19:07

By [url=http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tecnos10f38k8x]tecnos[/url10f38k8x]

By [url=http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tecnos10f38k8x]tecnos[url][/url10f38k8x]

this the output thanx vern and bye


08-06-2008 23:38:58

Hi pulsengine,

I'm not really too sure what you mean by "won't work and won't charge". Please provide a one sentence summary of what you observe going wrong; i.e. the actual behavior that made you conclude the driver was not functioning correctly. What did you expect that did not happen? What happened that you did not expect?

I asked exactly for the output of 'lsmod|egrep rt'. To produce output in the form of a file you can attach to a post here, do[code3ajtmv66]lsmod|egrep rt >/tmp/lsmod.out[/code3ajtmv66]then attach a copy of /tmp/lsmod.out to a post here. If it turns out to be only a few lines, then paste it into the posting. We'll asymptotically approach mutual comprehension.