bridging and rt73

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09-06-2008 13:32:49

In my embedded project I've tried to create a bridge with a standard ethernet [ishll04u5]eth0[/ishll04u5]- and a DLINK DWL-G122 based [ishll04u5]wlan0[/ishll04u5]-interface. I've used bridge-utils to solve this problem. There was no problems to create and bring up the bridge. After this I send a ping to my ethernet-connected pc and to my wireless access point. Both works. But I find no way to ping the pc from the access point or the ap from the pc. So I googled this problem and I read, that many wlan drivers to not support the bridge functionality.

Here my question It is general possible to create a bridge with my wlan-usb-stcik by using the rt73 driver.

regards Daniel


16-06-2008 09:24:11

Hi everybody,

Is somebody able to help me. I need an answer soon.

Regards Daniel