dwl g122 wireless cards sometimes don't work.why???

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28-07-2008 08:29:34

Hi everyone,
I am using dwl g122 wireless network cards with rt73-cvs-2008061003 software module. I found that sometimes if two cards inserted into two pc separately was not up at the same time, they cannot ping each other's ip address successfully. Usually I would reinsert them and then reup them. Then the ping command can be done successfully. Can anyone tell me why and how to avoid this problem?
Thank you very much!!


28-07-2008 09:18:23

!!! READ ME *BEFORE* POSTING !!![/url26stqlce]


29-07-2008 07:36:04

I did read readme before I posted it here.
It happens, especially when i tried to control two wireless cards with one virtual card. I have to make them up almost at the same time, otherwise, no resluts was shown in tcpdump -i wlan* in the peer pc.


29-07-2008 07:55:43

If you read the README, and the link I refered you to, then where is the debug output? Your configuration settings? etc etc.


29-07-2008 13:59:31

Thank you very much.
I am still trying to find the answers.
I didn't check the debug results. what a shame! D