"Interface doesn't accept private ioctl"

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29-07-2008 00:41:14

Attempting to set up WPA-PSK security mode, I run the following

[code133k7bpg]/sbin/iwpriv wlan1 param AuthMode WPAPSK[/code133k7bpg]

and get the following error message

[code133k7bpg]Interface doesn't accept private ioctl...
param (8BE0): Operation not supported.[/code133k7bpg]

I've also tried [code133k7bpg]param AuthMode=WPAPSK[/code133k7bpg], which tells me that param requires two arguments, and both variations (with and without the equals sign) using "set" instead of "code" (as suggested in the readme), but in both cases, it says [code133k7bpg]Invalid command: set[/code133k7bpg]

I've gotten it working (send this message, in fact) using NetworkManager applet, so I know the device works, and the driver is apparently installed ok. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm on Fedora 8 ( #1 SMP Tue Oct 30 135512 EDT 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux), my driver is rt73-cvs-2008072712



29-07-2008 07:18:19

Since you are using Fedora I think the rt73usb driver is loaded instead of the legacy rt73 driver.
That means that you can't use the private IOCTLS but can use wpa_supplicant, network manager or the network configuration utility of Fedora.

If you really want the legacy driver, do 'rmmod rt73usb' followed by a 'modprobe rt73'.
You also should blacklist rt73usb to make sure only rt73 is loaded next time.

On the other hand, you could also just use the rt73usb driver directly.


29-07-2008 10:22:40

Ok, great. So Fedora comes pre-loaded with the new version of the driver? That explains why nm-applet worked.

Thanks a lot!


29-07-2008 17:36:53

For the record, the correct command is "iwpriv wlan1 set AuthMode=WPAPSK"
But you won't need it if you're using rt2x00!