No packet transmitted in adhoc with WUSB54GC on Ubuntu

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21-08-2008 15:09:36

[b38tvvnpj]Problem[/b38tvvnpj] connection to adhoc peers works but no packet can be transmitted between them.

[b38tvvnpj]Diagnosis[/b38tvvnpj] The following command is run at boot
[code38tvvnpj]iwconfig wlan0 channel 2 essid wlandebug key off mode Ad-Hoc[/code38tvvnpj]
Another machine in the room can see the "wlandebug" adhoc network and can connect to it.
However, the two machines cannot ping each other, not a single packet is able to be transmitted.

- OS Ubuntu 8.04 the Hardy Heron
- Kernel 2.6.24-19-386
- Wifi USB dongle Linksys WUSB54GC
- Driver Ralink RT73 802.11abg WLAN Driver CVS 2008082017
(the module is loaded with the option "debug=31")

Dmesg and `modinfo rt73` are attached.

[b38tvvnpj]Question[/b38tvvnpj] Please tell me if you have any solution or any clue to further understand the problem.


22-08-2008 20:19:20

How did you configure the two devices at the IP level? Did you properly set an IP address?