Makefile wrong assumption leads to compilation failure

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01-09-2008 12:47:51


This post is about rt73-cvs-2008090105.

Apparently if I have a suffix in my kernel version (which is actually, the makefile assumes that I have a Fedora distribution (and an FC kernel), which is wrong (I have an Ubuntu). It leads to compilation problems because of wrongly defined macros, etc.

I tried to "make FCREV=" and everything worked fine.


01-09-2008 17:09:15

Hi iazz,

Could you try the attached patch? After applying it, you should be able to just do "make" in the standard way.



11-09-2008 16:31:00

I see this thing has been up for a week and a half, downloaded seven times, and there's no complaints. Must be good. So I've put it into CVS.