RT73 ACKs / CTSs are ignored

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03-09-2008 16:13:27

With the current hourly tar ball, I am unable to see the ACKs/CTSs response when the adapter is in Monitor mode using Wireshark.

I have found in the rt73.h a struct that shows the register values. Is there a suggested method to change these settings?


29-01-2009 09:31:42

I also need to see the CTSs / ACKs..... Have anybody managed to get this working yet with the rt73 driver ?
I see that the driver that comes with Fedora9 (rt73USB) shows CTSs /ACKs in monitor-mode.


29-01-2009 17:56:41

You might try tweaking the function rt_ioctl_siwmode() in rtmp_info.c. See case IW_MODE_MONITOR